Dominic 2                    

My life was meaningful through acquiring 'trophies' and seeking the esteem that came along with them. In January 2014, after a depressing eight months searching for work after graduation, my ear drums popped. My pain was compounded because of an infection which later spread to my eyes, sinuses and throat. The trophies I had acquired became of no comfort to me.
During a night in which I was shaking with fear, Jesus Christ spoke to me. He asked me to trust Him with my health. I was reminded of the trust game at school we would play. A person would let go of their balance and fall backwards into the arms of their friend who would catch them. To trust God was the hardest thing for me. I was trusting in my fear and pain because the doctors didn’t know how to help me. I could only imagine my situation worsening.

But God healed me after I made the decision to trust Him. He brought me to King’s Church and surrounded me with a lot of great people who showed genuine love for me. They often remembered me in their prayers and gave me much encouragement.  

Jesus Christ out of His love for us, died for all the wrongs of the world. He now gives us the greatest trophy in joining His family and the promise of living with Him forever in a new heaven and earth without evil. He does this freely to all who come to put their trust in Him and ask for forgiveness.