Pearl Akinluyi                                                                                                              

Pearl 3

I was raised in a home where the day began and ended with hymn singing, Bible reading and prayer.  My family had to attend church meetings every Sunday, especially as my father was an Anglican Pastor.   The routines gave me a measure of security and stability, but did not affect my life on a personal level.  I had no experience of a personal relationship with God.

I could not live up to God’s standards

Although I grew up believing in God, I lacked the assurance that I would definitely go to heaven if I died.  I tried to read my Bible out of a sense of duty but often gave up, realising that I would always fail to live up to God’s standards.

‘I saw the light’

At University, I joined the Christian group and became a member of the Choir.  At one the of outreach events organised by the group, ‘I saw the light’.  I faced the fact that I was a sinner because I did things my way instead of God’s way.  I also realised that my parents’ faith and my attempts to be good could not make me acceptable to God.  His standards are far too high for any human being to live up to.  I understood that the only way to be eternally secure was through the undeserved grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to take the punishment for my sin.  I acknowledged my need of this salvation through Jesus.

Peace that does not depend on circumstances

I prayed for forgiveness and committed the rest of my life to God, through Jesus.  I resolved that my motivation in life would be to find out what God’s will is, and to do it by the grace that He so freely gives to all who put their trust in Him.  My heart was filled with deep joy.  I had the assurance of a real relationship with God, my eternal Father.  This event took place in 1975.  I have since lived through easy as well as difficult times and can testify that He really does give peace that does not depend on circumstances.  My life is full of purpose and I have th assurance of eternal life in Jesus.


The good news is that God is not partial and wants all people to come to Him.  He took the initiative to deal with the issue of sin that separates human beings from Him, by taking the punishment for sin on Himself, on the cross.  His invitation for people to be reconciled to Him includes you.  You are welcome to contact us to find out more.