Christian marriage

The wonderful gift of marriage is from God.  It is precious and should be held in honour by all.  The institution of marriage has been, and still is, under ferocious attack by evil spiritual beings who influence human cultures, traditions and worldviews, with the aim of distorting and destroying the good, noble and lovely gifts of God to the human race.

 The aim of this course is to clarify the biblical position on key aspects of marriage and to encourage each person to examine his or her worldview on marriage in order to ensure conformity with God’s will.  This will equip each person to enjoy the gift of marriage as God intended and to help others to do the same, as the opportunities arise.


The course is usually completed in three two-hour sessions.


Session 1


Expectations and desires

Roles and responsibilities


Session 2



Spiritual warfare

Case Studies


Session 3


The place of others


Case studies