Vision and core values


Our vision:

1. To be “a house of prayer” for all Nations. Isaiah 56:1-7

2. To make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19-20


Our core values:

• Jesus Christ indwells, empowers and uses His Church, through the Holy Spirit.

• The Holy Spirit directs every area of church life.

• Baptism by immersion in water, baptism in the Holy Spirit and the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are highly encouraged.

• Members are both hearers and doers of the word of God as revealed in the Bible.

• Prayer moves the life of the church.


• Church-in-the-home functions as the basic church.

• No other mid-week meeting competes with church-in-the-home.

• Evangelism mainly flows out of churches-in-homes.

• The church grows as the churches-in-homes grow and multiply.

• Potential leaders are constantly being developed.


• Leaders are called by God.

• Leaders are appointed as Spirit-filled individuals. They manifest faithfulness, availability, a teachable attitude and fruitfulness in particular areas of ministry.

• Leaders are called to serve.

• Opportunities are provided to equip members for ministry and mission.

• Children and youth participate fully in church life.

• Churches-in-homes worship together as a whole church on Sundays.

• Churches-in-homes participate in whole church events.


• Members are encouraged to use their gifts and talents according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

• Task groups and teams undertake specific roles and missionary activities.

• Ministries to the poor are highly encouraged, at individual and corporate levels.

• Ministries to communities, institutions and the nations are encouraged.

• Financial resources come mainly from the voluntary giving of tithes and offerings. Members are encouraged to be obedient and faithful in this area; demonstrating their trust in God, as disciples of our Lord Jesus.