Freedom in Jesus (Spiritual warfare)

The Bible teaches that people, including Christians, have thought patterns that are worldly and ungodly.  These thought patterns keep people in bondage so that they do not experience the freedom they should have in Jesus Christ.

The Bible also teaches that there are evil spiritual beings on the prowl, bent on the harassment, oppression and corruption of the human soul.  There is a spiritual war in progress.  What occurs in the spiritual realm manifests itself in the physical world. If willing and obedient believers are not experiencing the things that the Lord Jesus has promised to those who follow Him, the possibility of the involvement of evil spiritual beings should be considered.

Every believer needs to learn how to conduct spiritual warfare successfully for the following reasons:

·         For personal freedom, protection and fruitfulness.

·         For the sake of others who may not yet be able to fight for themselves.

·         For the sake of the unity and effectiveness of the Church.

This course provides training on essential spiritual warfare.