Courses and Events

We run lots of courses that will help you to grow in your faith and provide valuable input into your life as well as putting on events with the aim of having fun together and blessing those in our local community.

All courses are free.
No fees!  No tests!  No pressure!
Explore the basics of the Christian faith.  The course is currently run during the day at King’s Church Centre.  Mutually convenient start dates and times can be arranged.  Refreshment provided.
Got questions about life and faith?  No questions refused.  One hour per week for 4 weeks. Mutually convenient start dates and times can be arranged.  Refreshment provided.

Short Courses

These run between 4.00 – 6.00pm on a maximum of three consecutive Sundays, at King’s Church Centre.

Building effective teams
Effective teamwork creates synergy; together we achieve more than we can as individuals.  In this course, the key components of high performing teams are explored and practical advice given on how to put them into practice.
Building relationships across racial/cultural boundaries     
It is God’s will for all churches to move towards crossing any racial and ethnic lines that have been established in their immediate communities. This is demonstrated by the fact that there will be no segregation of people along racial lines before the throne of God.  This course explores practical ways of bridging relational gaps between races and cultures.
Christian Marriage       
The institution of marriage is under attack.  The aim of this course is to clarify the Biblical position on key aspects of marriage and to equip couples to enjoy the gift of marriage as God intended.
Christian Parenting (Including older children)   
Parenting is a very important and challenging responsibility.  This course equips parents to meet the challenges successfully at all levels of the development of their children.
Coaching & mentoring
Coaching and mentoring are one-on-one relationships that use support and accountability to enable people to grow toward a better future.  This course offers training on skills required to be effective coaches and mentors.
Emotional Stability
God’s will for all disciples of Jesus Christ is that they should constantly rejoice and be at peace, irrespective of their circumstances.  This course explores ways of attaining this.
Prospective members are informed about the vision of the Church and how it is worked out in the structures and functions of various teams.
Freedom in Jesus (Spiritual Warfare)        
Every Christian needs to understand how to deal with the reality that they are constantly in conflict with evil entities.  This course equips individuals to be overcomers in everyday life and ministry.
Intercession/prayer ministry  
Intercessors play a crucial role in fulfilling God’s call to be a house of prayer.  Trained members are informed about important issues to pray about as they arise.
Sharing the gospel with friends and acquaintances.  
Being witnesses and making disciples for our Lord, Jesus Christ, are His direct commands.  All Christians should make it a priority to build relationships and learn to share the gospel effectively in the context of those relationships.  This course explores how to do this.
The single life can be fulfilling and fun, but also challenging.  According to the Bible, both the married and single state are good; neither in itself is better or worse than the other.  This course provides the opportunity to learn how to make the best of being single. 
Time management        
Time is the great leveler.  Every living person has the same number of hours to use every day.  How time is used has present and eternal consequences.  This course offers sound advice on how to manage oneself in order to make the most of the gift of time.

Bespoke courses:
There are other courses that may become available depending on demand.  For example:  Small Business Day (on a Saturday); professional advice is given on how to successfully start and run a small business.

Below are some regular annual events
All events are free.
Easter Sunday Celebration
The greatest hope of all human beings is for a blissful and purposeful eternal life.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ guarantees the fulfilment of this hope for those who put their trust in Him and do the will of God in this life.  Come and find out how you can have eternal life in God’s recreated New Earth and New Heaven.  Finger foods and drinks afterwards.
Summer Musical Event and BBQ for the community     
Usually in July, at the beginning of school holidays.
Fun day for all.  Uplifting  musical event followed by a BBQ.
Lots of great food, puppet shows, bouncy castle and face painting.
Christmas Carols Service and buffet
Usually the last Sunday before Christmas.  
Christmas carols and Entertainment.
Lots of great food and fellowship.


You can take a look at the full Church Calendar for more information on all that's going on.