Amanda 1

Looking back I had probably suffered from depression on and off since I was about 15. However it started to have a real negative impact on my life when I started work as a teacher. I got to the point where I was so down that I cried every day as I drove to work. Then after my day at work, I cried as I drove home and during the evenings and weekends. I found myself thinking about dying a lot as an escape and decided that no-one would care anyway. These suicidal thoughts plagued a lot of my waking moments when I wasn’t distracted by work.  I was persuaded by a member of my family to go to my GP and just show her my diary. She immediately put me on anti-depressant drugs and booked me into emergency counselling. As at least one other member of my family suffers depression, she said it was probably genetic and that I would need to take these tablets all my life and to think of it like a diabetic needing regular insulin. So I did what I was told by the doctor and my mood lifted due to the medication and counselling. However about 18 months later the negative thought patterns and low moods returned.

But God worked a miracle.  I went with a few friends to a Christian meeting in London.  At the end of the service, people who needed healing were asked to go forward for prayer. I didn’t go as I did not consider myself sick. The preacher then called for people who had been told by doctors that they would never get better to come forward and that reminded me of what the doctor had said and so I went forward for prayer.  When I was prayed for I fell to me knees and all I can say is I knew I had been healed by God Almighty.  Don’t ask me how, but I just knew!  The next morning when it came to take my tablets, I decided not to take them.  I had been told by the doctor never to come off the tablets and if for any reason I needed to reduce the dose, to reduce it slowly otherwise I could suffer side effects.    I went to church and asked a few people to pray for me and again God intervened. I had absolutely no side-effects from suddenly stopping the medication!

I thank God often for healing me from depression. It has been almost 20 years since he healed me and even though I may have times when I feel a bit fed up, the depression has not returned. God is all mighty and all powerful and he can heal mental as well as physical illnesses.