Stephen Jooste 

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I did not believe in God or demons. I believed in the power of the mind.  I developed abilities that would let me influence people and hurt them if I desired. I would use this power to hurt someone but would feel guilty afterwards.  It was this guilt that caused me to consider the existence of spiritual forces and beings.  I prayed that if there is a God, He should never let me hurt anybody again.  I stopped using the abilities.

Many years later someone close to me hurt me badly and my abilities came back but stronger than before. I could have hurt them badly in retaliation but did not.  I remembered my prayer years before and realised that God had answered, even though I still didn't know Him at this stage. I went through a period of struggling, trying to resist going back to what I now realise was demonic control over my life. I now know from my experiences that there are evil spiritual beings led by Satan.

I met a believer in God, a Christian, who came alongside and persistently prayed for me. I wanted to believe in God but couldn’t.   My new friend encouraged me to pray and ask God to reveal Himself to me.  I did.  God spoke to my heart.  I realised that if Satan exists, then God must also exist.  I became a believer in God and heard the gospel that Jesus came to die for my sins.  I understood that if I repented of doing things my own way and put my trust in Jesus, God would forgive me and I could have a relationship with Him.

I prayed that God would take away the demonic abilities that I had. He healed me and filled me with His Holy Spirit.  I am now blessed with good spiritual gifts that can be used to bless people.  Over the years God has done many things for me. He saved my marriage, giving me renewed love and affection for my wife. He provided me with new and better jobs.  I also have new friends and a better lifestyle. 

There is no problem that God cannot deal with.  You need to ask Him and believe He will take a bad situation and turn it to good.  No evil spiritual forces or beings can withstand Him.  You can have a relationship that lasts forever if you repent and put your trust in Jesus to reconcile you to Him.