Debby 2

I worked for a charity that provides care for terminally ill people in Romania.  I had a chance to visit the hospices out there with my company.  One evening, as we were chatting with our director's daughter, it was mentioned that hospital care is terrible in Romania and that you really do not want to end up in one. 

We were staying in basic accommodation.  The whole shower room was filled with water, making the floor extremely slippery.  To make matters worse, the light in the shower room had stopped working. 

I went in to shower one morning in the dark room.  As I got out, I slipped on the floor, flew upwards and landed on my back, banging my head.  My first thought was to cry out to God, afraid to move.  As I was lying there on the floor, I thought of the conversation about how awful the hospitals were.   Having prayed, I slowly got up, expecting a concussion or a broken limb, but I was able to stand without pain.  It could have been so much worse, but God intervened.  I was so thankful to God, as I was only shaken up.  I didn't even suffer with a headache, just minor bruising.   
God promises to watch over us when we give our lives to Him.